Kasandra Manering


Welcome. My name is Kasandra and I am an artist, entrepreneur and author.  Creativity and imagination are a huge part of my world. I’ve tried more things and held more jobs and careers than I can count.

For the past 40 years, I have also been a practicing energy worker, assisting others in improving and optimizing their lives. I believe that life experiences inspire a broader perspective of the physical and energetic world. For me, this enriches my art and my life and allows me a greater understanding of our world on many levels.

Learning is one of my great loves. I have certification in a lot of different areas; Energy Work, Ayurvedic wellness, online business, art, aromatherapy, permaculture and massage, just to mention a few. I never tire of learning new things. There are just too many wonderful things to know about!

I love to share knowledge. That's what it's for after all! For several years, my Ayurvedic Wellness Program at local colleges and universities were filled-to-capacity. I also teach energy work to those who wish to elevate their spirits in these chaotic times.

Water is my element! I adore it. I love nature and I enjoy the freedom and adventure of boat life. Exploring the natural beauty of my home in British Columbia, interacting with wildlife and retreating from the din of the busy world are my favourite escapes.

As I said at the beginning of this book, I believe that we are all divine beings. I believe that we have the magic of the stars in our veins.

My hope is to inspire every person I meet to connect to that part of themselves and explore the powerful being that they are. This is the high vision I hold for each and every one of you. Blessings xo

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